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APIC, 2017

        What’s New: Strategies in Healthcare Environmental Infection Prevention

        Disinfection and Sterilization: What’s New?

SGNA, New Orleans, LA,  May 2017

Duodenoscopes and Endoscope Reprocessing:A Need to Shift from Disinfection to Sterilization

April 28, 2017: William A. Rutala Retirement Infection Prevention Symposium: Future Directions in Infection Prevention

William A. Rutala: Can We Prevent All Infections Associated with Medical Devices and the Environment in 5 Years?


Curtis Donskey: Can We Prevent All Healthcare-Associated Clostridium difficile infections in 10 Years?

Deverick Anderson: Elimination of SSI: Using Science to Overcome Barriers and Behavior

Sanjay Saint: (Syllabus) Preventing CAUTI: In Search of the ‘Aha’ Moment in Infection Prevention


September 27, 2016: Association for the Healthcare Environment, Pittsburgh, PA

Role of the Environmental Surfaces in Disease Transmission: “No Touch” Technologies Reduce HAIs

September 29, 2016: “Medical Technology and HAIs” , Herndon, VA

Defining the Medical Device and HAI Problem:The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

APIC National, June 2016

Disinfection and Sterilization: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


APIC New Jersey, Nov 2015

Endoscope Culture Protocol Handbook Rev Sept 2013

42nd Annual Conference of the Association for Professionals in Infection Prevention and Epidemiology, Nashville, Tennessee. June 2015

FDA Gastroenterology and Urology Devices Panel of the Medical Devices Advisory Committee, May 15, 2015

APIC New England, April 2015

IAHCSMM, Fort Lauderdale, FL  May 3-6, 2015


APIC Webinar, November 12, 2014

Association for Healthcare Environment Conference, September 21, 2014, Tampa, FL

APIC 2014-41st Annual Conference, June 2014

SGNA Annual Course, Nashville, TN, May 2014

3rd International Congress on Infection Prevention, Guaruja, Brazil, April 2014

APIC Grand Canyon Conference, April 2014

Association for the Healthcare Environment webinar, April 2014

14th Congress of the International Federation of Infection Control, Malta, 2014


40th Annual APIC Conference, Fort Lauderdale, FL, June 10, 2013

SHEA Spring 2013 (May), Atlanta, GA  meeting on the Role of the Environment in Disease Transmission. 

AD Russell Memorial Teleclass, April 2013

Asia Pacific Society of Infection Control, April 2013

APIC Florida, March 2013


International Federation of Infection Control meeting in Croatia, October 2012

ID Week, San Diego, CA, October 2012

APIC-NC, September 2012

Ohio, September 2012

APIC Annual Educational Conference and International Meeting, June 2012

April 30, 2012

APIC Webinar, February 28, 2012


The 5th International Congress of the Asia Pacific Society of Infection Control in Melbourne, Australia, 8-11 November 2011

Eleventh Congress of the International Federation of Infection Control, October 2011

APIC, Baltimore, MD, June 2011

Society of Healthcare Epidemiology of America, Dallas, TX, 1 April 2011


37th Annual Educational Conference & International Meeting, New Orleans, LA, July 2010

Fifth Decennial International Conference on Healthcare-Associated Infections, 2010


47th Annual Meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America – 20 October 2009, Philadelphia PA:

APIC Webinar – 9 September 2009

Disinfection, Sterilization, and Antisepsis – APIC 2009 Preconference


International Federation of Infection Control – October 2008

ASHE – September 2008

APIC – June 2008

SHEA – April 2008

AORN – April 2008


APIC 2007


September 2006

APIC Pre-Conference June 2006

APIC June 2006

SHEA 2006


APIC 2005